Big Sloan x Horseshoe Gang – Lyrical Murder (Official Video) (@sloanbone_mtf @horseshoegang)

Big Sloan is back on this new release “Lyrical Murder” that can be described on one word, “BBAARRSS”. This one features Horseshoe Gang.. and is from his upcoming album titled “Catharsis”. Get familiar… watch… then share if you support that real hip hop:

Sloan Biography

Big Sloan also known as Sloan Bone is from Long Beach, California and resides there today. He was born and raised in Long Beach for the most part except for a short time period when he moved with his Mom to Norwalk, California, however they had to move back to Long Beach due to lack of money. Sloan began to rap because he used to sit in the music studio and watch his cousins’ record. He wanted to be in their group called “AZ IZ” but they would not let him join because they felt he was not good enough. “AZ IZ” was good friends with another established group in the area called “The Pharcyde”.
Sloan grew up listening to artists such as Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Cannibis, Ice Cube, NWA, Tupac, Biggie, and the Wu Tang Clan.

At 18 years old, Big Sloan stepped into the music game by battling all the time servin’ MC’s in Los Angeles County. This is why the first tattoo he had inked is Lyrical Genius. His friend Shawn introduced him to Platinum Thug Entertainment CEO Chris Gunn from Orange County who taught Sloan how to rap professionally. Platinum Thug Entertainment was the first label Sloan signed with. At the same time Sloan went back to the block in Long Beach and began selling weed on the corners of 19th and Henderson, and 21st and Pine. His brother Speedy set him up with his weed business and Sloan began making good money which put him on club “VIP” status because if you had money you could make connections. This is how he met a lot of artists and a variety of peoples in the local clubs. After a while that became old and Sloan ventured out into other states to make more contacts. Then one day LIFE CHANGED when Sloan was shot 5 times back in Long Beach at the corner of 15th and Chestnut. Still alive, Big Sloan decided to take a different path because he knew he was here on Earth for a Reason, and that reason has pushed him to better himself and evolve as both a person and an artist still to this day!

In Las Vegas, Nevada on New Year’s Eve 1999/2000 Sloan met Layzie Bone through a friend of his named Fredro Starr who is a member of the rap group Onyx. Instantly they clicked and began to chill and party, but after 30 minutes Layzie looked at Sloan and said “You’re my little Brother” and mentioned that he looked liked Layzie’s actual little brother Stew and reminded him of his cousin Skant Bone. For 2 years Layzie did not even know Sloan rapped, and the first time he heard Sloan rap he said “It’s On” Ima put you on Mo Thugs, and so he did. Sloan has been recording with them for 10 years now and he is still a vital part of Mo Thugs. Sloan Bone and Layzie Bone have a real brother relationship and as well there is a special bond with the rest of the Howse crew which includes Stew, Flesh and MOM Pam! Sloan’s Now Deceased Mom loved Bone Thugs N Harmony music and is the reason he began listening to them. RIP MOM, you have great taste in music!!

Today Sloan is recording his next Album Titled “Khakis and Chucks” which promises to bring in a new adventure and expansion into his next stage as an artist. Sloan will begin to tour as an Artist that has matured into the ever-evolving world of the music industry. He has some great surprises in addition to his already growing music and one of them is guest artist and friend Ron Artest of the Los Angeles Lakers as well as his continual touring and work with Layzie Bone. Slaon is working now with Crooked I of Slaughterhouse on a project as well as Long Beach artists that include Snoop Dogg and Warren G. Sloan produces a “Weekly 16” bars of new music to keep the flow going and has set into motion Sloan Bone TV. This is a venue to see music as well as open new interviews and bring forth a variety of issues facing today’s worldly encounters. Another facet of Sloan’s work is the great team around him and supporting cast, L-Mac the manager, and D-Rado another up and coming artist as well as music engineer. Sloan also produces and engineers music which makes him an all around performer into every aspect of the work he does. This next stage of his work promises to move forward and enhance an already well established group of musicians, producers and engineers. In keeping up with the Evolution that is the complete and total package with music Big Sloan now has a larger network of music essentials which includes graphics artists as well as sound engineers and computer technicians. Alongside the working aspects of music there are management and business professionals that are now added to the Big Sloan team in order to expand this Creative Process and carve their own niche in a world where new life is breathed and introduced with worldwide attention. Part of this enters at a time when Big Sloan has taken a personal transformation with his health via diet and exercise. As with most hip hop artists it is LIFE that teaches one their course of action and some take those notes and upgrade while others use hard times as an excuse to hold them back. Having both his father, then mother pass, then friends die from Cancer can teach one to think about their health, and that is exactly what Big Sloan has done. Being an inspiration to others for taking charge of one’s destiny is a big part of the new path with this musical team network. Remaining on the planet while serving up great music has the potential for success but even more than that help inspire through one’s personal life altering transformation. Going from the hood into hip hop is one thing that many do; going from the hood into a successful LIFE within that means something is another. It does not happen however unless one is willing to put in the work and remain consistent with opening new doors while keeping relevant. It is now Big Sloan’s time to set his own Company albeit still remain a loyal connection to Layzie Bone and Bone Thugs N Harmony who will always be family.

The music remains the heartbeat of the entire project, as Big Sloan and company always keep to the original LIFE of their rap style even as they evolve with their music. This will never change, and is something that keeps the company solid without wobbling and fitting into today’s music, yet instead pumping out the high quality sounds of what keeps them real, and reaches out to the many that come from the same streets they came from. You will never see an original Mo Thugs artists stray from their roots, yet instead keep up with and create new technology with successful people around them in order to promote their music, with their unique style. Together the old school and modern day technology are learning to blend and provide a worldwide connection. Social networking and getting the information out there has been part of any entertainment venue for the last few decades but has only increased over the last few years. Many new avenues are available and will be opened with this Company to reach as many levels as possible. Due to hard work ethics and promoting himself he is usually on tour either with SELF or with others such as Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Big Sloan Links
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Instagram: @iamsloanbone

Music: G.A.R. ‘Leatherband’ – @officialGAR @ENew901

Tune Tank Entertainment presents the latest music release from up and coming mc G.A.R. The

Tune Tank Entertainment presents the latest music release from up and coming mc G.A.R. The title of this new release is Leatherband. Give it a listen, G.A.R is has a very solid bounce to his music.


For Blacc Zacc The Time Is “Right Now” (@BlaccZaccDME)

South Carolina’s Blacc Zacc let’s us know what time it is in his busy life with “Right Now” produced by Supha Mario. This song appears on Zacc’s recent Dirty World EP, which you can get here:

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Brooklyn Queen Drops Newest Dance Hit, “Beat The Baby” (@BrooklynQueen03)

Detroit’s multi-talented Brooklyn Queen is making waves with her viral dance hits, and her newest single “Beat The Baby” is no exception. Produced by Florida-based duo The Crew, the track walks us through some new steps led by the charismatic 11-year-old.

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D.L. Prime and Felony Squad Mafia Drop Visual For “Hunidville” Off Of The “Gooniez Never Die” Album

Allentown, Pa, recording artist Darius Lee Primer, has seen his fair share of drama, heartache and uphill battles. As a teenager he was involved in situations which landed him a jail sentence of 8 years-during which, he lost his mother due to health complications. That would be enough to cause anyone to lose their mind but instead; Darius took his pain and turned it into a passion, using music as a release.

Fast forward to recently, Darius has taken his focus to his music more seriously than ever, the growth is evident. The songs are no longer about partying but instead they are filled with jewels to help those that may be in the same situation overcome the odds. THE TIME IS PRIME.

Felony Squad Mafia issues a visual treatment to the D.L. Prime-assisted “Hunidville” single. PimeMediaWorks jumps behind the lens as the Rap collective gives an inside look at the streets of Allentown, Pennsylvania aka “Hunidville”. With plenty of Hennessy on hand, FSM and Prime trap the hell out over the Mubbz Beats street ode. Get familiar to Felony Squad Mafia below and keep both eyes peeled for their “Goonies Never Die” album release.

Twitter: @dlprimemob

Roll One Up With Weirdo Westwood King (@WeirdoKing)

“Roll one, smoke one…” Light em up! Just in time for 4/20, Weirdo Westwood King brings us the new smoker’s anthem “Match Sum” produced by DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia. Look for Weirdo’s new project coming soon via Scale-A-Ton.

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Rapper E-Reign Delivers “The New York Times” (@EREIGNESM)

New York, home of some of entertainment’s most gifted and vibrant superstars also gave birth to the rising rap phenomenon known as E-Reign. Hip Hop artist E-Reign is the last of a dying breed. He is a lyricist who paints portraits with his words. This burgeoning emcee has the lyrical poise to put him on par with some of the greatest emcees around. E-Reign is solidifying his spot as one of the best new artists to emerge out of the Big Apple. Compelled by the likes of Nas, 2Pac and LL Cool J, E-reign breathes life into the mic and he writes about real life experiences.

The dynamic wordsmith is an emcee with a heart of a rapper. He can make deep introspective songs with commercial appeal. E-Reign’s music is like a movie but through words. He specializes in lyrical content with catchy melodies and he touches on interesting topics. Cool yet hot, and laid back yet outspoken, this multi-faceted entertainer is a force to be reckoned with. E-Reign is like a new strain of Hip Hop. Moreover, he is the co-owner of the ESM Entertainment. He currently has 4 different mixtape projects in the marketplace including “Future of New York, Volumes I, II & III” and “The New York Times.”

E-Reign is currently riding high off his latest single called “Need More,” which is a stand alone single not on any project. The song is being well received by DJ’s from around the country. Additionally, he is pushing “The New York Times” project, which fully exhibits the rapper’s passion and dedication to his craft. Highlights on that mixtape include “Rags To Riches” and “Grands.” He is a breath of fresh air in an era where “Copy Cat” rappers rule. Follow E-Reign as he embarks on his journey to greatness.

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[Mixtapes] Bernard Flowers – Nobody Safe (@Bflowers)

Indy artist Bernard Flowers releases new mixtape titled “Nobody Safe” make sure you checkout the

[Mixtapes] Bernard Flowers - Nobody Safe

Indy artist Bernard Flowers releases new mixtape titled “Nobody Safe” make sure you checkout the single “Past Tense” (Official Video) !

Follow on Twitter: @Bflowers

Check out his official website:
Record Label: Prezidential Recordz

Check Out Mixtape Below

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