Myloekoe feat. Jonathan Jones- “Showin Up”

Myloekoe feat. Jonathan Jones- Showin Up

Myloekoe feat. Jonathan Jones- “Showin Up”

2Down Management was founded in 2006 to support and promote talented artists in the Northern Bay Area. Ever since we’ve been on a mission to develop and succeed in a highly competitive industry. The represented talent is comprised of some of the best who each bring to the table a unique angle of presentation and entertainment. We envision great things for the future and will never stop reaching for our goals.

2Down Management
C/O The Plant Recording Studios
Sausalito, Ca 94965


James Nealy (Japiro) “Check In The Mail”

James Nealy (Japiro)  “Check In The Mail”

James P. Nealy II (Japiro) born November 4th, 1981 is a member of the supergroup M.E.P – The Producers. Piro brings name recognition to the group as well as rousing lyrics, marketing knowledge and top notch production. Japiro earned his Bachelors of Science in Public Relations & Marketing from Morgan State University in May 2004. James is the 1st elite member of the 92Q (WERQ 92.3FM) cipher line Hall of Fame, in Baltimore, MD. Japiro gained this distinction by defeating all challengers in live, on-radio competition for a four-week period from December 1998 to January of 1999. James began producing at the age of 16 with some neighborhood friends in (Cedonia) Northeast Baltimore using an MPC 2000 and Cool Edit Pro. During his years of high school he teamed up with Alcatrez & Panama to form the group now known as M.E.P – The Producers. The Producers began moving their material with impromptu freestyle sessions and battles dating back to 1998 amongst other challengers across the city and working with as many artists possible to build the deepest catalog in entertainment history. While attending Baltimore City College High School & Morgan State University James began networking to build a fan base with M.E.P’s classic music. During his time at Morgan, he recorded and released numerous albums and mixtapes along with partners in rhyme (Panama & Alcatrez), defeated all challengers at the One Mic battle competition at the Heritage Nightclub in Baltimore (3-2-02). James also, spent time hosting Melodic Confessions (A Live Hip-Hop Show) at The Edens Lounge in Baltimore, MD on Tuesday nights from 9pm-12am. James also defeated all challengers at “Style Wars” a twenty-five MC competition at the 5 Seasons on March 31st 2006. Last but not least, Japiro also recieved honors on October 24th 2006 for his lyrics from his Second To None album from the song entitled “Would You Be There?” from the International Poerty Congress, by winning the Editor’s Choice Award for September 2006. James also helps with production, engineering & gathering a public awareness through advertising and marketing strategies for M.E.P Entertainment & Pizzle Muzik Group. While being a fixture of The Red Maple, Kamp, Good Luv, Xanadu, Club One, & The 5 Seasons, and mutual friendships amongst SYE Entertainment, Ryan Ant, Earl Omari, Jazzy Presents, & Nightlife Entertainment James’ continues to network and build clientele for Pizzle Muzik Group. Japiro plans to be the #1 Artist/Producer in 2007.

Contact: [email protected]

Make sure you purchase Japiro’s
True Veteran album. Cd’s $7 and Online download available for $7.99 @

Tru Cannonz “We In Da Buildin”

Tru Cannonz “We In Da Buildin”

Tru Cannonz

Formed in the state of Delaware, Tru Cannonz evolved from two well-respected cliques, F.O.2.0 and Tru Cannon Entertainment. Artists Jimmy Lopez, Big Bundelz, Uncle Rizzie, along with in home producer H Da SSnake bring Hip-Hop to a higher level. Tru Cannonz (T.C.) brings the truth of the streets to the ears of all. Each artist is from different cities, so that allows T.C. to give you a conscious flow that everyone from every direction can relate to. Tru Cannonz come together to form one super power that brings Underground Hip-Hop to a level unseen. The Cannonz have a Philly, New York, Connecticut flavor with a cannon twist. T.C. incorporates music about life for people tired of sugarcoated hooks and disrespectful, stolen melodies. Tru Cannon music brings you a No Holds Barred feel, where each artist walks and talks his way of life in its purest form.Our numerous performances have taken us through several states and were received very well by the audiences. The best shows in Delaware were at clubs Fantasia and Silk City in front of about 300 people. In Dragon Run Park at a Get Crunk Party. A Datz Wassup Fashion Show, Get Rich Ent. Fashion Show, A John Maddan Football Tournament, and even mixtape release parties with about 500 people for the Roundtable Records Collection. In Pennsylvania we performed at Chester Cultural Arts Center, in a function called Philly vs. Delaware and in Chicago, Illinois in a Hip-Hop Summit in front of 100+ a&r’s from several Major labels. We’ve also opened for Papoose in NYC in Manhattan, Thanks to “The Drama King” DJ Kay Slay. We have performed at the 8th Street Lounge in Philadelphia for Dame Dash Music Group. Our past and recent performances have improved our stage presence and our sound to make US the Hottest group in Delaware. Hear the Cannonz and youll see why, It’s not jus a way of livin’.

Contact Tru Cannonz

[email protected]

Joe Clark feat Oxpro and C-Gutta “I’m Fresh”

Joe Clark feat Oxpro and C-Gutta “I’m Fresh”

Joe Clark feat Oxpro and C-Gutta “I’m Fresh”


Starr media group (S.M.G) is much more than a record label. We are a creation 20 years in the making. Created by Ron “Ronnie Knottz” Clark and Andre” Dre Deniro” Davis. S.M.G. is the place where a talented artist, be it an M.C., singer, producer or model, can be given the special attention which actually makes them a star. By utilizing our already established industry relationships and capitalizing on our “sleep when you die” work ethic, we at S.M.G. are proud of the fact “we build stars baby”. In addition to being established in the United States, S.M.G has also launched its international office in Perth Australia, headed by Brad “Smallz” ( With his “don’t underestimate me” attitude, Brad is more than prepared to bring that fire to the European market place. S.M.G. is poised to release its first product hosted by Street Sweepers own Dj. Radio “Mr. Sold out”. The debut release from S.M.G. will be a collaboration of all artists on the label. This freshman release will have hits by Joe Clark an M.C. from Maryland by way of Camarillo Ca. Joe is lyrically dangerous with his west coast swagger and East Coast fire. Rita Tyler, an R/B singer /Song writer with an angelic voice is a young woman with an old soul who has fresh new ideas which will bring R/B back to what the originators had intended. C-Gutta and OxPro, S.M.G.’s New Jersey Dynamic Duo will be causing the industry some problems. Together or solo these young men approach each project with an intensity that has not been displayed in a very long time. Always thinking of new ideas and always mastering their craft, they are always looking to provide a new approach to their musical game. S.M.G.’s production team is the 2006 (Rocwilders) Roc battle winners ‘The Presidentz” (Matt Heist, Raycean”Been Heard”, Gutta Rock and Trillagy formerly of Triple Prez). These producers will be a force to be reckoned with in 2007. The engineering arm of S.M.G. belongs to Evan Scott Smith who has worked with the who’s who of the industry(Mary J. Blige,Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson,50 cent and many more)S.M.G. will prove to be what the game has been missing , so we suggest you stay tuned for what we have in store for the world .
Email: [email protected]
Dre Deniro: 732 261 6065
Ronnie Knottz: 240 413 5144
Smallz: 0011 61 420 362 044

Jimmy Snakes “Nothing But Trouble” (Radio)

Jimmy Snakes  “Nothing But Trouble” (Radio)

Hailing from North Philadelphia JIMMY SNAKES Started listening to Hip-Hop at the tender age of 10. The first full Hip-Hop song he learned was Rob Base “It Takes Two”. His cousin introduced him to the music of Lyrical Rappers like Rakim, KRS-One, Kool-G Rap, and Big Daddy Kane. After hearing these Lyrical forefathers, JIMMY decided that he wanted to become a Hip-Hop LEGEND. As time went on JIMMY fell in love with the Death Row movement that consisted of Snoop Dogg and the Dog Pound. Between 13 and 14 Jimmy Snakes tried to imitate Snoop Dogg’s style. After a few battles of trying to sound like Snoop he learned that in the Rap Game you are not allowed to bite. JIMMY was also a die hard fan of Red Man aka Funk Doctor Spock. Groups like Wu Tang Clan, and Nice-N-Smooth also helped mold the young artist. By the age of 16 JIMMY began to find his own identity. By this time Nas, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, and Big-L began to take the rap game by storm. They were the East Coast premier players while Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and Dr. Dre were the West Coast players. At this time Hip-Hop was very exciting. JIMMY raised his level of Lyrical skills by imagining he was on a track with different artist and writing a verse as if he was on the song with them competing in friendly competition. He kept that formula with him down through the years. As life situations became more serious on the streets of North Philly, JIMMY’S Lyrics began to get more serious. JIMMY began to elaborate on the harsh reality of life. Now JIMMY is one with the hood, and is going to tell the whole world his story.

Mr. Ears (267) 997-3000
Jimmy Snakes
[email protected]

Ozy “Oz”

Ozy “Oz”

Song- OZ
Artist- OZY
Produced by Jay Fab & Illastrate

As one half of The SPADES (SPADES In Midnight Malevolence), Ozy with his partner in rhyme, Indy has blazed a musical path that stretches from their hometown of Columbia, South Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia where they attended College. It was in Atlanta that Ozy began to blossom as a solo artist while simultaneously feeding the streets with Spades tunes. It was also in Atlanta that Ozy met up with talented producers such as Illastrate and Koda to begin molding a unique sound not only for the Spades but for himself as well. It was by Koda and Illa’s beat ingenuity that the foundations for Ozy’s high-powered tracks “Staywitchu,” “ALB” and “FireFly” were laid. “ I make music for music lovers. I wanna take Hip Hop music beyond where it’s ever gone and replenish the edge and the soul that it had before it was a billion dollar industry,” says Ozy. The numerous songs that he and his crew, The UFO’s, have sprinkled throughout the Internet are a testimony to that. Between show dates and radio airplay in S.C. and ATL, Ozy and Jus Cuz(Nefarious and SinSkyy) with their label MOONDOX, Ltd.(est. in 2002) maintain a growing buzz.

As an individual Ozy will conquer not only the music industry but the world of film as well. He studied film at Clark Atlanta University following a note worthy history in the drama program at Richland Northeast High school back in South Carolina. During and since college, Ozy has acted in, written, directed and composed music for several projects. Some of which can be found at video stores nationwide. Excelling in multiple arts, including music production, he can only be labeled an artist. From his first rolls in grade school plays, to leading songs in the church choir, and local club performances around Columbia and Atlanta, Ozy has stayed on it. In his own words “Me and my fam have starved long enough. I gotta feed generations with my raps so in my eyes I gotta blow! No question!”

In any crowd, Ozy stands out like a soar thumb. Maybe it’s because of his laser beam focus on his goals, which was evident in the communications department at Clark Atlanta. Ozy was a 4-year member and eventually became president of 4-Reel Productions, a popular film organization at the university. Success through leadership has always been in the cards for him. Even as a 4-year old belting out his own renditions of hits by Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, and New Edition Ozy, or Corey Gillens as his parents named him, knew his destiny. His quote worthy lyrics give him a presence that is rare in today’s beat driven market and the soul that he brings to the game is paralleled by none. After the huge success of The Spade’s South Carolina hit “Incredible SC,” Ozy prepares his yet untitled solo debut album. With several projects in the works, and “The Last Dragon” mixtape, hosted by Hood Hard’s DJ Aaries, smashing the streets he will solidify himself as a music legend and further secure that his destiny will be fulfilled.

Badnewz a.k.a The Last MC “Its Whatever (Gwop Gang)

Badnewz a.k.a The Last MC

Badnewz a.k.a The Last MC grew up with what seems to be the typical black urban youth story.A soldier since a young age, Badnewz grew up in an unsettled household in which nobody would be envious. As an adolescent Badnewz was forced to make decisions men probably couldn’t. For most people their home is their haven, but for Badnewz the streets fulfilled that necessity. He’s endured the hoods of North Carolina,Virginia, D.C., and of course Boston and til this day he still feels more comfortable amongst the sirens,cracked pavement, night dwellers, and cognac stenches. He has done a lot of things he regrets,
but through his music, family and friends he’s become a most admirable man. There isn’t a more loyal, humble,and inspirational artist out there then this young man known as Badnewz.

From a music perspective Badnewz grew up listening to Kool G Rap, Nas, 2pac, and others.While listening to these artists as a youth he was amazed as they were able to put words together with such conviction and precision. Frustrated he couldn’t do the same, he asked his mother,a poet in her own right, to help him out and she did so writing him a rap. Although he appreciated
the effort, he describes the rhyme as “wack” but the format in which she wrote it gave him the blueprint to what he is now building. He has opened for Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Memphis Bleek, Tiera Marie, Cherish, Slaine and others while garnering the attention of Hip-hop followers, personnel, and artists and has been appointed The Last MC. Readers, reviewers, listeners, I introduce to you Badnewz.

“Its Whateva Video”

[email protected]

[email protected]

Capone(CNN) At The Urban Music Awards



HIPHOP & R&B superstar, Foxy Brown confirmed to host the Urban Music Awards USA on the 7th of July 2007. The awards show is set to be the hottest event this year. Dancehall legend, Spragga Benz has been confirmed as co-host for the awards ceremony which is set to be the hottest event of 2007!!!

R&B legends, Boyz II Men are also set to recieve a Lifetime Achievement Award and are preparing to set the place on fire with a pulsating 15 mins closing medley performance of some of their well known hit tunes!!

Join One Chance, Capone, Method Man, Rhymefest, Tatyana Ali, Rah Digga, Jon B, Beenie Man, Jermaine Jackson, Benzino, De La Soul, Pras, and many more at the prestigious Urban Music Awards? Well come join us on the 7th July 2007 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Invincible Media Group announces line-up for annual “biggest urban music awards ceremony in the world.”

The event will be televised by Invincible Television and broadcast in 22 countries worldwide.

With nominees which include: India Irie, Musiq Soulchild, Kelis, Papoose, Lil Wayne, Danity Kane, Cassie, Diddy, Keyshia Cole, Floetry, Bobby Valentino, Pretty Ricky, Jim Jones, Mims, Chamillionaire, Xzibit, Beyonce, Lupe Fiasco, Sean Paul, Outkast, Kay Slay, Funkmaster Flex, Beenie Man and more. The awards ceremony is bound to be hotter than hot this year!!! Come and join us in the biggest celebration this year and find out who wins the coverted award.

That’s not all – but that’s all we are saying for now!!

2 ways to buy your tickets

Call 212-307-7171

Click Here For Tickets

We’ll see you there!

7th of July 2007

The Flippa Boyz-South GA-(Street)

The Flippa Boyz

In the Southeastern town of Homerville, Georgia, The Flippa Boyz are like pine trees— they’re everywhere. You can’t pass a street corner in “The Yard” as it’s called, without hearing the sound of these local hip hop heroes rattling car windows or shaking house shutters. As the release of their first CD “The Fatal Blitz” approaches, The Flippa Boyz, J-Roc and DevilEyed, are ready to take it far from “The Yard” and around the world.

The Flippa Boyz are Greg “Devil Eyed” Lacey and Jeremy “J-Roc” Troy, childhood friends who knew from an early age that they had what it takes to make it in the music industry. J-Roc started rapping when he was only eight years old, and by the time he was 13 he had dropped sports and every other interest to focus on writing lyrics and freestylin’. Around the same time, Devil Eyed was getting pulled into the idea of rap both as a way to help support his single mom, and out of a creative desire to express the realities of life. The two joined forces to form The Young Thugz, a group that lived up to its name with thuggish lyrics and wild-out style. For several years they perfected there skills via underground mixtapes and soaked in influences like Tupac, TI, DMX, and Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony while constantly rocking the local freestyle battles.

At age 16, J-Roc’s troubles with school and other issues threatened to put an end to the group’s promising future. Luckily someone had faith in J-Rocs potential. Uncle James “J-Mac” McLaughlin had faith, stepped in, and encouraged him to make some changes in his life. J-Roc took this advice and off to Dallas Texas he went. While living with J-Mac in Dallas for a year, J-Roc continued writing lyrics and also performed weekly with some of Dallas’s best underground artists.

He returned to Georgia a year later with a positive outlook on the future and immediately hooked back up with Devil Eyed and The Young Thugz, releasing the CDs “Enuff Said” and “Thuggin’ Out Loud.” Again, J-Mac recognized the dedication, sacrifices, and potential in J-Roc and Devil Eyed and signed them to his newly-formed record label, WoodYard Entertainment.

The Flippa Boyz first full-length album “The Fatal Blitz” — a double CD loaded with laid back Southern slang and hard-hitting tracks — is set to be released in November of 2006. The first single, “Cool As a Ceiling Fan,” will be takin’ it wide for the first time, introducing The Flippa Boyz to the world with a catchy hook, an incredible beat, and great lyrics. The Fatal Blitz also includes a “sliced and screwed” disc screwed by DJ Slice courtesy of Strobelyfe Entertainment.

With the hard-earned support of a record label, family, and all of their fans in southeastern Georgia, The Flippa Boyz are destined to succeed! They’re confident that someday soon people far from Homerville, Georgia, will know their music and feel their lyrics while their hometown base can always rely on them to keep it real and provide some positive energy back to the community. As stated by The Flippa Boyz, “we gone rep the yard like we pose too”!

For more information:

James McLaughlin
“J-Mac” CEO
WoodYard Entertainment
Cellular: 214.563.7118
Email [email protected]

Chiray Scott
“CScott” WoodYard PA
WoodYard Entertainment
Cellular: 254.291.9612
Email: [email protected]